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In-Home Handbag Design Parties

In-home handbag design parties are a great way to introduce your friends to Sarah & Company handbags and an even better way to maybe even get a bag FREE!

Invite your friends to a handbag design event hosted by you and see how easy it is to earn your bag for FREE or at the very least, get it at a greatly reduced price.

Parties are available in the Twin Cities area and are a great, easy way to have fun. 

Check out my party guidelines and hostess benefits to see if it's right for you!

Party Tricks:

At a Sarah & Company handbag party, you and your guests will have the chance to purchase a handbag from the small selection of bags I will bring that I have designed and made already and/or design a handbag themselves to be made by me. 

I will bring all my fabric and leather samples to the party for you and your guests to look through and help them design a bag of their own. If designing is not their thing, they can choose from the many photos online of the bags I have made in the past and if I can still get a hold of those materials, I can make another one like that. I have found that some people get overwhelmed by the design process and I understand that! 

All custom ordered handbags from your party will be delivered to you, the hostess at the same time, usually within 3 weeks of the party, depending on number of bags ordered. It can take 4-5 weeks if your party results in a large order. *Please keep in mind that I make these myselves and sometimes things pop up that may delay the manufacturing. 

One thing I ask, is that you keep your party refreshments to a minimum and in a separate area from the handbags. That is just becuase if anything spills on a bag, it could be ruined and I really try to keep that from happening. 

Hostess Benefits:

- $50 toward the purchase of a handbag, just for hosting!

- Every $100 in purchases at your party give you $25 more to put toward your bag.

- $50 for every friend who books their own party and gets it on the calendar.