Sarah & Company

Custom Handmade Handbags that are as Unique as You!

At Sarah & Company, I strive to create great handbags and accessories that are cute, contemporary and current for the trends of today, but classic enough to take you into the future. 

 All my leather comes from Napa, CA from American grown cows that have had their hides tanned right here in our country. Because of the natural elements of the leather, some imperfections occasionally show in the bags. This is because the cow may have run into a fence or received an injury while roaming around. 

These are handmade items and because of that, slight imperfections may appear, but don't worry, they only add to the charm of it being a handcrafted bag. When you receive your handbag, be sure to spray a leather/fabric protector on it so you can wipe it clean later. I suggest a reputable leather cleaner for the leather part of the bag and a damp cloth of a similar color for the fabric. These bags are not machine washable, but  you may check with your local dry cleaner. They may have some suggestions too! 

Here are some questions I have most been asked:  

What is the best product to use to protect my bag? 

I highly recommend spraying your handbag with a protective spray. Sprays that are made for shoes are best. Most of them say on the can that they are safe for both fabric and leather. Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous test spot before trying it on the whole bag. If you have questions about the correct spray, you can ask at a shoe store. 

To clean your bag, you can ask a dry cleaner to clean it or spot clean it with a damp cloth in a like color. 

Do the bags come with any kind of a guarantee?

Because of the handmade nature of the bags, they may vary slightly from bag to bag. I do my best to provide high quality, well made bags with great materials and a lots of imagination. If you experience any malfunction due to faulty construction, I am happy to see what I can do to repair it without charge for the first 6 months. Bags needing to be repaired due to general wear and tear, however, may be subjected to a repair charge. 

Can I provide my own fabric for my custom made handbag? 

Yes! You can provide your own fabric for your handbag. BUT...please get in touch with me before buying it so I can tell you what kind of fabric and how much to buy. 

If I buy my own fabric will it decrease the price of the bag? 

The bag prices will stay consistent as listed, even if you provide your own fabric. Most of the cost of the bag is due to the labor that goes into it, which remains the same from bag to bag, no matter where the fabric comes from. 

How long does it take to get my bag after ordering it?

Typically it takes between three and four weeks to get your handbag, once it's been paid for. I do not put custom orders into the "creation rotation" until it's been paid for. 

Do you make all the bags? 

Yes, I really do make all the bags. I make the linings, I make the outsides, I make the handles, I sew on the zippers, sew and rivet on the labels, add the tags, package and send them. Well...my hubby helps me with post office runs...but yes, I really do put my hands all over every bag!