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About Sarah 

I grew up as a pastor's kid, the youngest of three and the only girl. We didn't have much by the world's standards, but God gave us a very resourceful mom and she made everything for us. One time she made my snow suit for the winter and one time, I even remember picking out trim for underwear she was making for me! 

It was through this influence of my very creative mom, that I developed my own passion to make and create as well, making me realize that what she passed on to me made us very rich indeed!

I am now, very blessed that through the encouragement of my family, I am able to use my sewing skills and to make these wonderful handbags that are just as unique as each person carrying them and am proud to say that each bag is carefully cut, artfully designed and handcrafted with our high standards of quality.

Throughout the process of building this business, God got a hold of my heart and has created a passion inside of me to bring awareness to the plight of those trapped in Human Slavery, specifically in the area of Sex Trafficking. My dream is that some day, in the Lord's timing, this basement business will increase in great ways so that in the future, I will be able to train and employ local women who have been rescued from prostitution.   I envision working with them, one at a time for a year or so, to teach them sewing and other job skills so that when our time together is over, they can leave with an updated resume, job skills and a great reference to help them get started on their own dreams. 

If you are looking for a local organization that is fighting this good fight too, I would like to introduce you to United1Front.  They work to equip and empower members of society in all matters of holistic training for the purpose of fully restoring those who have fallen victim to the evil of sexual abuse in any form. They work with teachers, police, fire fighters, pastors, anyone who wants to learn the signs of Sex Trafficking and those who may come in contact with victims as they are rescued out by teaching them useful ways to promote healing in them. 

 Enjoy the journey through my website and we'd love to hear from you!

-Sarah (& Company)

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