Sarah & Company

Handmade Handbags that are as Unique as You!

At Sarah & Company, we strive to create great handbags and accessories that are cute, contemporary and current for the trends of today. 

We usually buy a limited amount of each fabric,which allows us to keep the collection fresh and exciting, however, at times due to popular demand, we have been known to buy more.

These are handmade items and because of that, slight imperfections may appear, but don't worry, they only add to the charm of it being a handcrafted bag. Some of the fabrics have a stain treatment on them, some of them don't. If that is a concern to you, feel free to give it a little spray with a fabric protector. Just try it on the bottom first, in a little spot, to make sure the colors don't bleed before you spray the rest. 

All of our designs are limited editions and most of them are one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you like, I'd recommend grabbing it right away.

Thanks again for checking out Sarah & Company. We take great pleasure in working hard to create a great product that works hard for you!.